Friday, September 22, 2006

(37) October 5, 1992 BUMBERSHOOT

1992: First Class Stamp $0.29 cents
Violence erupts in Los Angeles over Rodney King
George Bush Sr. "upchucked" in Japan
Amy Fisher shoots at Mary Jo Buttafuoco
Dan Quayle erroneously corrects a student's spelling of the word potato
Kurt Cobain married Courtney Love
Sub Pop creates the "grunge -speak" hoax, tricking
The New York Times into printing an article
"No Ordinary Love" by Sade
Sinead O'Conner rips the up the Pope on Saturday Night Live
FDA began "accelerated approval" of drugs to combat HIV.
40,587 AIDS Deaths in the USA
This year found J. and I traveling the country to juried art shows with Three Tacky Texans jewelry. Because of our burgeoning notoriety, we experienced a lot of people and places on the road that were truly memorable, but one of my favorite shows that year was BUMBERSHOOT in hometown Seattle. A well known and respected art and music festival, there were only 50 slots available for juried artists that year, and we were miraculously accepted. I say this was a miracle because we were very underground, and not your average lovely trinkets usually accepted to shows of this nature. Of course the world was exploding with "Grunge Music Fever", and this festival was like ground zero of all that energy. There were record producers, entertainment lawyers, and just about anyone you could name as a celebrity at the time present in the 1,500,000+ crowd, and I have never been so exhausted in my life from doing a show. It was estimated that we saw at least 375,000 people walk by the tent each day in that four day period, and they truly herded by like cattle and once the gates were open it never let up. Being the identified cool "outsider" artist of the show kept me busy and talking constantly, and my jewelry became "the thing" to purchase there. The Indigo Girls played that year in the big stadium as an opening act, and I was so busy that I couldn't break away as planned to see them perform. So I worked at setting up shop that Saturday morning listening to the sound of Amy and Emily tuning up while preparing for the hoards to descend once again. It was a show I'll never forget.

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