Thursday, September 07, 2006

(21) October 5,1976 TWU with Ike & Tina

1976: First Class Stamp $0.13 cents
VHS Video recorder introduced
Apple Computer Company Founded
New York City is terrorized by the "Sun of Sam"
US Bicentennial
T.Cullen Davis and Priscilla Saga Begins
"Evita" debuts on Broadway
Microsoft Founded
"Welcome Back Kotter" on TV (it was a slow year)
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
Accepted to several colleges and universities, I settled on Texas Woman's University, mainly because my mother, aunts, and grandmother were all graduates and the pressure from my family was enormous. I will break with my tradition today of focusing on one story for the year, as there are two I am finding difficulty choosing between, being the indecisive Libra I can be.
This was the year I pledged a sorority at Texas Woman's University. Since National Greek Societies were not allowed until years later, TWU students had formed their own "clubs", and mine was called "The Aglaians"...roughly translated meaning " women of light." These were the movers and shakers of the college campus, known for sterling academics and leadership. What was not stated was this group was primarily a "lesbian" sorority socially. Yikes...the hazing rituals were "interesting" to say the very least. Memories of this year would definitely be a great book pitch if there are publishers out there reading this.(LOL) This group no longer exists on campus, but I am here to tell you, this was one wild bunch of women.
This was also the year that TWU brought the "Ike & Tina Turner Stage Show" to perform for the students, and I remember sitting outside on the lawn of the auditorium for several hours with friends waiting to get in. My friend Carol worked the stage crew, and so she had snagged really good seats, and the concert itself was amazing. "Proud Mary " stands out in my mind. What none of us knew was that this was the last concert for "Ike & Tina", as afterwards, that same evening, Tina was beaten on her ride back to Dallas, and it is there she escaped and talked a hotel manager into taking her in until she could get her bearings. Good for you Tina!



Wasn't that the BETA video recorder? VHS came later...I think.

Laura Belle said...

Beta did come before VHS, you are right Risley. But this was the year VHS was introduced, and since I am a VHS freak...(Woe is me...for not much longer)It was the one I highlighted. We actually lived in a time no TV could be recorded...amazing to think of, isn't it?


Well the first year I actually owned a VHS was 1998 when I moved to Seattle. So, I am always about 20 or years behind the times. I think I was the last to have a mullett...