Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Borrowed" this Internet Test :)

You Should Be A Libra

What's good about you: A total charmer, you easily find friends and allies

What's bad about you: You have a secret side that's easily confused and depressed

In love: you enjoy flirting, dating, and the whole process of falling for someone

In friendship, you're: very social ... You rather be with your friends than be alone

Your ideal job: fashion designer, makeup artist, or song writer

Your sense of fashion: very feminine / masculine (depending on your gender)

You like to pig out on: sweet stuff like ice cream and French toast
Funny thing how blogging works. When you read other's blogs, you find these tests and they spread within a community like wildfire because we all "borrow" them. Of course I am a Libra, so no surprise there. I just think it's an interesting phenomenon.

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