Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why I like People...Volume One

Distant Friend: its hard to live in the now when your eyes see the future
Distant Friend: and try to project that on eyes that only see the past
Lavanonda: That's why us geeks gotta stick together (LOL)
Distant Friend: but what you give is the 'feel' of the future
Lavanonda: I am just a small voice
Lavanonda: You are actually the future...
Distant Friend: I'm serious when I tell you that your 'voice' is in the texture of the coming age
Lavanonda: ...and you'll take over for me someday
Distant Friend: make it palateable for those who will witness it
Distant Friend: naw..I'll just provide the background beat
Lavanonda: K (LOL)
Distant Friend: same old rhythems of times gone by
Lavanonda: That has always been the dichotomy of my life my friend
Lavanonda: Revolutionary with a Prada Handbag
Distant Friend: rofl rofl...s.o.s. same ole'...
Distant Friend: fry your eggs lady, you're not done yet by a long shot
Lavanonda: Have a beautiful day in the neighborhood >>wink<<

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