Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lions and Tigers and Laundry, Oh MY

Wow, laundry. Have I mentioned how much I dislike doing it? In my current living situation I am required to bundle it all up and drag it to a Laundromat once a week. This works in theory, but the actuality is really every two weeks or so. Ok, maybe even three.
The Laundromat is a strange place full of loud whizzing machines. You actually have to feed these machines money, pour soap down their throats, and wait for them to spit out a big pile of soggy clothes. If you're lucky they may be cleaner at the end, but they most certainly will be wetter. Then off to a big even louder drying machine. Take my advice here and always check this machine before inserting wet clothes for somebody else's crayons, lipstick, or magic marker remnants. And emptying the lint filter is usually a good idea too. Cuts down on those pesky "dryer machine" fires.
Days like today, I seriously contemplate stuffing these piles of laundry in big Hefty trash bags and taking them to the curb. Starting all over with new clothes instead of dragging all these to the Laundromat. But then I rethink, and realize "clothing optional" might not work for my neighbors. Then I start to think about moving. This is how the vicious laundry cycle continues.

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