Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Christmas Storybook: A Pickle?

I've always been fond of old mouth blown mercury glass ornaments. But in 1983 when searching for the ornament of the season I came across this one. A pickle....yes, a blown glass pickle! Now, I have found all manner of blown glass fruits and vegetables, occupations, and animals. I have even seen Vegas showgirls, snake charmers, and Day of the Dead skeletons represented in this medium. But a pickle? No...this was special! I could just imagine the glass worker in Poland who's job it was to carefully blow pickle after pickle all day long. To get just the perfect pickle curve and bumpiness. Standing day in and day out next to the guy blowing the giant Frostie the Snowman Commemorative globe and thinking..."Someday that will be me."
So that year, in honor of that lowly pickle blower with a dream in Poland I bought these odd little pickle ornaments for all my friends and family. Nothing says Christmas to me quite like a bumpy dill pickle after all. :)


r o g n y c said...

Die Weihnachtsgurke! I still have mine!
Thanks for years of Christmas love, Laura.


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Well, one thing I am sure of, that Pickle ain't Kosher. But it's a dill.

Laura Belle said...

Thanks Rogie for putting up with a mainly sweet and sometimes "sour" friend these many years. (LOL) You are so precious to me!

How come you think this pickle is not kosher? Methinks this is just "sour grapes" on your part! >>hardy, har, har...I slay me!<<