Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Christmas Storybook: Frida Kahlo Ornament

My first claim to fame was as a jewelry designer, and for the years between 1989-1993 I sold Mexican and southwestern themed jewelry. Many pieces featured Frida Kahlo, a somewhat unknown (at the time) female painter. Her fame increased during these years, with many Museum exhibitions and tributes, and I was the "go-to-gal" for many a museum gallery. I even sold in the gift gallery of Frida's Blue House, which was truly an honor. My jewelry pieces still come up on Ebay occasionally, bringing prices I never imagined they would. After my intense study of Frida, and all the doors she opened for me as an artist I am very fond of her of course, and in 2005 my sister Patty was pleased as punch when she found this Frida Kahlo Christmas ornament for me. It will always remind me of the spiritual debt I owe a woman I never met, even though I knew her well. :)

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