Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Christmas Storybook: Christmas Cookie Ornaments

Yes, these realistic Christmas Gorham cookie ornaments may seem pretty normal, but they hold a very special Christmas secret. I purchased them the first Christmas Judy and I were together, and had them hanging on our first tree. Now her big black Labrador "Max" was irked with both of us, since we worked during the little light of the day and it was dark when we arrived home. She wasn't getting as much attention as she would have liked. (Even though she did enjoy the secret McDonald's fast food burgers I smuggled to her when we were alone so she'd like me better.) So one day, Judy and I arrived home to find Max had decided to eat Judy's Christmas Stocking in protest. I had worked so hard to find fun things to fill it, and Max had consumed or torn through most of it, even the chocolate. (LOL) I felt so sorry for her when she was punished over it. This was one of the few times I ever knew her to misbehave, as she was beautifully trained. But the secret I have kept until this minute is that the little pink star cookie actually has Max teeth marks in the back. I guess she started on the cookie ornaments, but realized right away they didn't taste as good as they looked. Max is gone now, and so those little teeth marks are precious to me. She'll always be a GOOD DOG! :)

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