Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Christmas Storybook: Things Inside Of Glass Balls

Christmas balls with tiny lampworked glass Santas, glass deer, or even foil stars or trees. Little things inside of clear things is one of my favorite lifelong visual influences. The foil star ornaments were purchased from Neiman Marcus when I was in my teens, and it set in motion a whole attraction to glass bubbles with things inside. I went through several years finding bubble ornaments for my collection, but stopped eventually because they get lost visually on Christmas trees. I of course moved on to lampworked paperweights and cased crystal glass instead (it really is amazing how my visual "eye" works, completely unconsciously). The tiny Santa bubbles are really a test of any relationship especially, as they are easily overlooked when packing up the tree. More than once they have been rescued from the curb before traveling to the dump. Yikes!

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