Monday, December 10, 2007

A Christmas Storybook: Odd Old Nativities

I know in this age of bigger is better I should be collecting huge life size nativity sets, but it seems I am attracted to tiny vintage ones. I collected miniatures as a child, and was always fascinated with them after reading the books "Stuart Little" and "The Borrowers" and finding tiny things they would use if he ever visited me
The small plastic nativity hut with glitter was one I had as a child, and I have fond memories of sitting it by my bedside and looking at it every night before I went to sleep during the Christmas season anticipating the big day. The carded set was one I found at auction in 1991, and in my obsession I stood in Illinois mud up to my ankles for hours to be able to pay $1.00 for the junk box it was in. And finally the "day glow" set was one my Mother had for many years in her collection of nativities. I always found it odd that they would even make a "glowing" miniature Nativity. Who thinks up these things? And better yet, how many could have possibly sold? (LOL) In any case, of all the things my Mother left behind somehow this little nativity made it's way to me. I have always found it fascinating the things that are long past that drive us unconsciously as adults. I figure my tiny nativity attraction is pretty harmless. :)

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