Friday, December 07, 2007

A Christmas Storybook: Mechanical Snowman

I'll admit it, I am sooo not a fan of mechanical Christmas do-dahs. But genetics aren't always the same between sisters, and my sister Patty lives for these things. Every year searching for "the" new Christmas decoration that beeps or squawks, it makes her house a giant labyrinth of annoying Christmas cheer noise.
In 2002 she proudly displayed this guy in her front hallway. The first time I saw him wiggle his derriere and swing his little light-up snowflakes to the tune of "I'm Mr. White Christmas" in his glitter vest I squealed ""OH MY GOD...she's found a drag queen snowman!!! " Mostly to annoy my sister. Insert guffaw here.
Well, imagine my surprise when watching Jay Leno on the Tonight Show about a week later and seeing this little snowman featured on a Christmas product segment. And what did Jay Leno say about this little guy? Hmmm... I guess I wasn't the only only to see the similarities. My sister saw Leno too, and guess what was under the tree for me that year. (LOL)
A postscript to this little tale: Of course Mr. White Christmas sold out everywhere after his appearance on the Tonight Show. So when he finally was restocked he'd had a makeover. In an attempt to butch him up they'd replaced his glitter vest with one "only a straight guy" would wear. Needless to say he fit in at Wallymart better, but he'd lost his charm. Those "MR. White Christmas, dammit!" Snowman hit the clearance table almost as soon as they arrived. Hee!

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