Monday, December 17, 2007

A Christmas Storybook: Gingerbread Christmas Troll

When I was 12 years old, these troll dolls were all the rage. Most kids asked for Barbie Dolls, and then there were the odd ones that asked for trolls. Guess which type I was? (LOL) I would spend hours brushing their long luxurious hair and dressing these to fit the day. For Christmas 1969 my mother made a whole box of tiny troll clothing for my trolls, including cheerleader outfits, nurse uniforms, and even a mermaid costume. At one time I had about thirty troll dolls, some larger, some smaller. I even had troll jewelry. This little Gingerbread Troll is the last of my collection, and always reminds me of the 70's. Between these and my "smiley face" collection I will readily admit it, I really was a seriously goofy kid!



You collected Smiley Faces? hmmmm, that is almost a friendship breaker right there. But you have a lot of other good qualities and you overlook the very few bad qualities like I have, like when I speak. Okay, I'll keep you.

Laura Belle said...

(LOL) Allllriiiiiighty then. I'll overlook that comment as well. I'm friendly that way. :)