Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Christmas Storybook: Aunt Laura Ornaments

My Aunt Laura lived in Alaska, my mother's older sister, and she was the most amazing hand crafter I have ever known. I was her namesake, and she was the most artistically creative sister so it really fit. She would make the most wondrous things, all without patterns or prototypes, as was well known locally for her apple dolls and Easter eggs. It was her tradition every year to make a special ornament for her children, and when I was living and working in Anchorage she included me too. In 1985 she gave us all old lady angels because she was convinced angels were actually wise old ladies, and not youthful as they usually appear. Then in 1986 she made this charming puffy Santa Claus for everyone. She is long gone now, my sprite of an aunt, but every year at Christmas I find these in my ornament collection and I remember my sweet Aunt Laura. My own personal old lady angel.

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