Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Christmas Storybook : Reindeer Steaks

While reading Sharon's blog about several of her special Christmas Ornaments over at Domestic Bliss I got the idea to write some new personal Christmas stories for the holiday season as a gift to my readers. (A better gift than a card, but maybe not as good as a bottle of wine.) Each day I will pull something from my own rather eclectic Christmas decor to write a story about; some funny, some beautiful, and some bittersweet. Think of it as a little blog advent calender counting down to the big day. Hope ya'll enjoy reading, even you grumpy assed "I hate Christmas" people.
This, dear readers, is my nomination for the funniest product concept incorporated into Christmas ornaments I have seen in my life. I bought this set from my friend Terri Sullivan at her store BIZANGO in 1995, and even today they make me laugh uncontrollably. Leave it to BlueQ to do this. I mean, what could be more evil than Reindeer Meat Cuts named after famous reindeers on pop out Christmas Ornaments? If you aren't laughing at this, you really need to check your pulse. I don't hang them on my tree, as they are traumatic to children. But every year, when I unpack and see them, I am insured of a really big belly laugh to start the season.

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