Friday, January 18, 2008

Three Steps Forward... One Step Back

After a couple of weeks of pretty intense forward movement I've experienced two blue days in a row. Nothing specific triggered this, just a feeling of overall lethargy and feeling overwhelmed. This morning it looked like it was going into day three, so I got tough with myself and made up my mind two days was enough of that. In my way of thinking there can be a stray blue day or two in a month, that's pretty normal. So I figure that to be 24 blue days in a year. I used up two, so I have 22 left for 2008. I think I am gonna save those for a real hissy-fit somewhere around May or June. Just to clear my complexion (as my grandmother used to say.) :)

I MADE myself go work out, even though I was really feeling blah and not very motivated. It is truly amazing how my attitude changes the minute I hit the pool. I become a real shark, cutting through the water with deliberation. Of course tonight I'm paying for it, but I don't mind. It chased the blues away. Let's just hope they aren't replaced with "black and blues".>>wink<<

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