Saturday, January 26, 2008

This would be funny...

...If it wasn't so true. I was thinking just the other day about our current economic downturn, and how most of the world has no pity for us because of this collective world view. Of course when our consumer nation falls, all nations will fall economically. For an example of this just look at the wild fluctuations in the world markets this last week. China has expressed concerned that we won't continue to buy their wares?!? We are all connected here, whether we like to admit it or not. This little spaceship earth. It really is a conundrum for a patriot. Buy expensive wares made in the USA , or go with the Walmart "buy more cheaper". My thoughts have always leaned toward buying American, but I am hardly a blimp on the economic screen.

Someone once told me that the next great world war would be fought over economics. Maybe this is the silent battle that has waged around us all along we've been too self absorbed as a nation to sense it.

Just a couple of thoughts from me on a Saturday baking muffins. :)

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bodie said...

I had to pass this "sad" map along to friends. thanks