Sunday, January 20, 2008


The sun is shining, and I realize how much health comes from just a little sun. I am a child of the south, and learned early to fear sun exposure. But recently I read a study where fifteen minutes a day exposed to a bit of sun is healthy for development of vitamin D in the skin cells and better for mental health. OK, since I'm working on understanding and leaving the myths of my childhood behind me I decided I would make an effort on days like today to test this out. I am also considering changing my working light to be more like daylight. I will be sure to publish my findings when results become apparent :)

I made homemade muffins this morning. I don't dare upload a picture since I've been advised the resulting drool would take out too many keyboards. (LOL) So I will publish the recipe instead. Easy to make and really delicious with any type of beans, today I made them to go with red beans. Just click on recipe to print and try.

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