Monday, January 07, 2008

Sea Monkey Trauma

OK, don't ask me what I was actually searching on the Internet for when I found this product. (LOL)But it struck a really strong "twang" in my childhood memory center, and I've decided to upload it here to remind myself of a long buried memory. I actually got one of these when I was a child, and was completely enthralled with it. I mean, wearing an aquarium around your cool was that? The problem was it had a major design flaw, the minute it was full of water and sea monkeys that little plastic stopper couldn't hold the weight of the glass bulb. As you can imagine, mine crashed to the ground on first wearing, splattering water and sea monkeys all over the pavement. I cried for those poor little dead sea monkeys for days. OK, I was only 10...but it was traumatic. Now that everyone has had a good chuckle back to the business of serious blogging. Maybe. :)

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