Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Leftover Day

Save me from the leftovers! My God, my family cooks were collectively under the delusion they were feeding the world this Christmas, so we were obliged to take home obscene amounts of leftover food from every event. Even if we didn't really want them we were forced to cart home huge plastic containers just to keep family peace. So for the last few days it has been strange eating around my house. For example this morning it was was flour tortilla rounds filled with cream cheese and ham for breakfast. Lunch it was leftover bar-b-qued hot wings, bacon wrapped cocktail weenies slathered in brown sugar, and slices of hard salami. I am starting to daydream about eating mountains of unadulterated vegetables. Visions of carrots dancing in my head. I guess the holidays are really over now.
Started my treadmill miles yesterday, but if this keeps up I'll have to walk 10 miles a day just to work off the meals. Thank God this only comes once a year! (LOL)

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