Saturday, January 26, 2008

Found in my File Cabinet

Decided to cull through my image files today (actual files of pictures and scraps I have kept for years for painting inspiration), deciding what to keep and what to let go. This one really tickled me...remember when these were in the back of most comic books? I wonder what actually came if you tried to order? (LOL) Just a little picture that tickled me.


R said...

I wanna DARLING PET MONKEY for my birthday, please.....PLEASE.


Laura Belle said...

(LOL) Did I ever tell you about my pet monkey I had when I was a kid? A spider monkey. I was about 8 and I had to clean his cage every day. I took him for show and tell to school, and they had to call my Mom to capture him when he got out of the cage. OOOps. (LOL) He died from an unfortunate drinking accident. My step-father thought it would be funny to see him drunk at a dinner party. It was, but he developed pnuemonia and died as a result. Poor Monkey :(


I don't remember the pet monkeys in the comic books. If I had seen this ad I am pretty sure I would have sent for one.

I had the sea monkeys, sea horses, xray glasses, all that crap. Wish I still had those xray glasses.

Laura Belle said...

All it takes is a credit card, Ebay, and a dream Ris. :)