Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GEEZ.... I was only KIDDING!

I know I made the joke about "enjoy my valentine before the tornado blows it away". And you would think at this age I would know better, but yesterday the weather was wild here. We had three tornado sirens in four hours. I would drag my heavy top mattress into the bathroom and climb in the bathtub, wait a few minutes listening to the quiet, then crawl out 15 minutes later feeling really foolish. Then another siren, same drill. (LOL) What a way to burn up an afternoon!

So now we are expecting massive snow tomorrow. I spent today preparing to stay put for several days, which will help in my mission to get the studio space finished. Even went to the library and checked out a couple of new books to read just in case. Why yes, I was a girl scout, why do you ask? :) I keep waiting for a big snowstorm to hit and we've really not had one since Dec. Eventually we'll run out of winter days.

Another Valentine, with no mention of tornados this time.

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