Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Visions of DIM SUM Danced in her head...

I'll admit it out loud, I have missed it. It was a staple of my diet for years, and moving from Seattle meant Dim Sum dining would never be the same. Oh, I did find a small Dim Sum restaurant in St. Louis, and was grateful to have it, but it paled in comparison to Seattle China Town. In Texas this craving is fierce sometimes, causing me to attend those massive "China Buffet" Restaurants and eating only shrimp dishes to fool myself into believing in Dim Sum again. Or going to Asian markets and buying frozen Dim Sum (that could be made of rubber actually..must check the ingredients next time) to warm up in the oven.:::sigh::: Not even close substitutions.
So enter Barbara, who assured me there actually was a DIM SUM restaurant in Dallas. I was tickled beyond belief to know this, and so Sunday was Happy Happy Dim Sum Day. She met me with champagne in large restaurant in Garland. (Yes Rogie...GARLAND...who knew! This may have to replace Whattaburger as "restaurant du jour" when you visit :) ) and we had the Texas DIM SUM experience. My, oh my. It was actually pretty good, and definitely an amazing accomplishment for landlocked Dallas. As good as it tasted, it was like chicken soup for my battered soul. Life may be worth living if Dim Sum is in it. :::wink::: Thanks Barbara...for everything.


r o g n y c said...

We MUST go when I am around next! Thanks for the tip Barbara.

Laura Belle said...

Yum, Yum let's get us some :)