Thursday, March 22, 2007

OOOO...Another Spooky Texas Story

Part of the charm of visiting Marfa, Texas is the world famous Marfa Lights. This strange phenomenon can be observed on clear nights right outside of the city, and the Texas Highway Department (Your tax dollars at work) have even erected a viewing area off the side of the road. The lights blink on the far horizon, change colors, and look to be moving toward you when you are watching them.
I was pleased when they decided to show for Wade's party. It was pitch black, and the stars were incredibly visible, that in itself inspiring. When we entered the viewing pavilion it wasn't long until a Marfa light formed in front of us. A large one, bluish in color, pulsated for the entire time we stood there. It became larger and looked as if it was coming toward us, and certain members of our party decided it had to be a light reflected on the side of a barn because of it's vague squarish shape. There are some that think the lights are mineral deposits giving off gas at ground level, and some believe the Marfa lights are ghosts of Indians killed on those grounds. If it was an illusion based on the drinking with did with dinner it was certainly "en masse". (LOL) Whatever it was, it was sufficiently spooky and did give us a real excuse to be crawling around West Texas at night.

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