Thursday, March 22, 2007

An Internet Public Service Announcement

Recently a friend was contacted in an attempt at intimidation offline when her full name was found on her blog and was used to find her place of business in an attempt to harass her. Because of her experience, I thought long and hard about taking my own name off this blog in the interest of personal safety. I have come to realize that people that would do such a thing in the anonymity of cyberspace are terrorists, pure and simple. And cowardly ones at that. I have made the decision my name will stand on this blog. I will not cower in fear for my opinion and words. I haven't yet in life, and I won't start now. I realize there are lesbian women that can't afford to do this, I am happy to do this in honor of them.
And to all those who participate in these acts take notice; Karma knows no difference between real life and electronic media. I believe the energy you use in these pursuits is the energy you attract in your life eventually. So when you feel self satisfied with your behavior, feel you have "fooled" or feel pride that you have hurt someone else just know when it comes back around to you intensified in the cycle of life you yourself attracted it.

Back to regularly scheduled blogging. :)

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