Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chicken Fried Steak Anyone?

And just when I got home and unpacked from my five day trip with Wade, I had just enough time to do laundry before I jumped right back out and traveled down to Meridian, Texas to help my friends Lisa and Dot with a Texas Chuckwagon Competition. Never one to miss a chicken fried steak as good as Dottie's, it was actually a working trip, since two of their regular crew could not make it for this show. Yes, the day found Genie and I scrubbing out cast iron pots as big as most people's cars but all the work was well worth it and the pay in being fed was great :). Dottie's chuckwagon garnered four awards including: 1st place Beans, 1st place Biscuits, 2nd place Chicken Fried Steak (she was robbed) and 2nd place mashed potatoes. All the chuck wagons entered were required to make the same menu, and Dotty just missed best of show by two points! Quite an accomplishment for an all female crew in the vast male dominated field.
The highlight of the trip for me was meeting my first three pound potato. No kidding, I have never seen a potato this size in my entire life. Even Dottie who has met many, many potatoes agreed it was special, and like Wilber the pig in "Charlotte's Web" it's potato life was spared because it was "some potato." YES...I did get a picture of it so you can tell your own friends you have witnessed this phenomenon yourself. Not thanks necessary, I am, as always here to report the facts. (LOL)

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