Friday, March 30, 2007


It's been three days now of incredible Spring thunderstorms moving through my neck of the woods, which means limited Internet time for me. I do have surge protectors for the major appliances, but "better safe than fried" is my motto at this point of my life. This weather is familiar to me, the kind of Spring I remember as a child. Full of tornado watches and evening thunderstorms. We actually got seven inches of rain last night, and it is predicted we'll get even more through the weekend. So I've taken the opportunity to read and write in my journal, and just enjoy the rain.
Next week we finish Mom's wishes and spread her ashes over Spring bluebonnet fields in Texas. I am so glad we waited for this year, there are huge fields of them everywhere. She would be so happy with this, and Patty and I finish in Galveston for a day or so of relaxation. Many encrustations will be consumed, I am sure.(LOL) It will feel good to have finished this for Mom.

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Anonymous said...

I know that taking care of your Mom will put her, you and your sister at ease. It is a beautiful time of year now.