Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is this any way to treat a President?

What is any party without fabulous swag, and I found these in my goodie bag from Wade's Party. Think he has a handle on my political leanings? (LOL) Candies and gum from Blue Q, one of my favorite companies. I read recently that the Bush Administration has had a huge group of irreverent products aimed at them in the last eight years, far more than any president in recorded history. Well, duh. It is a well known fact real Democrats (when they aren't wrapped up in appearing politically correct) have a sense of humor. You Republicans should try that, it's called laughter. It can be fun...really. And if Nero could fiddle as Rome burned we can laugh while our version destroys the world as we know it. Sometimes that is the only thing you can do to keep from weeping.

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