Thursday, March 22, 2007

The 50th Birthday Party Event of the YEAR

If you are planning a big 50th Birthday Party, Wade is your "go-to" guy. I can not imagine it being planned any better or involving any nicer people, and it was sooo Wade and so much fun.

Wade's big birthday found all roads leading to Marfa, Texas in the middle of the west Texas wilderness. OK, they do have a PRADA store, even if it isn't really functional. (LOL) But I am getting ahead of myself here. Wade, his good friend Barbara and I set out from Houston on the 10 hour car trek with good music and even better conversation. Stopping only for gasoline and Bar-B-Que on the way (who doesn't stop for Texas Bar-B-Que?) we reached Marfa in the late afternoon.

Now Marfa, Texas is a tiny little town in West Texas about a zillion miles from civilization, or so it would seem. Offical population a whopping 2112 (I saw the sign); It had been years since I had rolled through here in college. My last visit a sorority pledge prank to see the Marfa Lights (I will post on this further) the most distinctive feature of the town for years. My, oh things change. Little Marfa, Texas has become a serious ART MECCA, probably not unlike the small town Santa Fe was when Georgia O Keefe started hanging around. The perfect spot for Wade to celebrate, since his life is in so many ways all about art :)

The weekend was a blur...literally..of great art, good friends, good conversation, excellent food, wine and champagne of course. The Hotel Paisano was the hotel that housed the stars of "Giant" during the filming, and we were convinced the suite where we stayed had been Rock Hudson's suite (but this is because we took in consideration he probably slept in them all.. LOL). The highlight of my trip (besides being with one of my favorite people on his 50th birthday) was finally meeting Julie Speed and seeing her studio up close and personal. I was also delighted in meeting so many great new people, what a fabulous group of friends! Who could possibly need anything more in their lives than this? And a telling sign of a good friend is the people they call friends..

And about that PRADA store. Well, it is a conceptual art piece dropped smack down in the West Texas wilderness. You drive and drive in the countryside, no gas stations or other signs of civilization and there it suddenly is. I couldn't help but see it was like certain people in your life, a tiny oasis of art in the wilderness. And that, my dear friend Wade, is what you are to me. :) The happiest of birthdays to you, I guess it is on to 100 now.>>wink<<

Prada Marfa.

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