Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Very Talented Tree

A very interesting drawing experiment by a group of animators in California. Rapidograph pens attached to branches on a tree to see what the tree movement over a 24 hour period would create. I find this drawing really haunting and beautiful, even if it is a bit bizarre.
I have been in a very visual space for the last few days, and seem to be fascinated with all types of arts using natural materials. ice, sand, etc. What this has to do with the big idea I'm working on I couldn't say, but I do know from experience that I must let my creative eye have it's fill of stuff while I'm in this phase. I've also been looking at religious whirling dervishes, 40's Pin up girls, and Hindu Advertising Art. Creating imagery is sometimes like the pictures that come in dreams, they don't always have to make conscious sense. I've just learned to feed my eyes and head whatever they want when working, trusting my intuition to take over and use it where it is needed.
As you can see, I'm a little "out there "right now, but don't have me carted off just yet. At least let me get my work done first (LOL)

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