Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Unbroken Bonds of Friendship

Another day roaming around an old cemetery looking at tombstones and searching for angels. Not many angels found today, but plenty of old markers with carved "clasped hands." Generally clasped hands represent farewell to an old friend or the bonds of marriage when found on a grave markers from the turn of the century. The cemetery today had many more than I am used to seeing, so I took a few pictures for my collection. Interesting to me because hands figure so prominately as symbol in my compositions.
The "Urn on Draped Column" was spectacular, beautifully carved and so high it was hard to take a good picture of it. I think at one time this cemetery had lots of carved items on columns, but somewhere along the line they were looted or defaced. When I go in antique stores and find old religious carvings I always feel sad, wondering how they found themselves there. Old personal items with religious meanings are one thing, but stealing grave pieces to sell seems to be very bad karma to me. For the buyer as well as the seller.

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