Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ENOUGH already!!!!!

This picture looks like any busy street corner in just about any small town in the US as we are approaching the mid term election. Notice anything strange? Let's take a little closer look, shall we? Yes, you are reading this right. A campaign style sign for Jesus in the mix. Being trained in advertising, I know the use of these signs for political candidates can be very effective, but why would someone do this to advertise Jesus, who contrary to some popular belief is not a candidate in Texas this election? I'll tell you why...because the effectiveness of these signs are subliminal, visual repetition works on memory. What galls me to my very toes is that this advertisement is a not-so-subtle reminder to those that consider themselves Christians to vote their religious beliefs into office and not focus on their actual political concerns. This tactic is insidious, absolutely wretched. Especially when you consider Jesus never ran for public office himself, he was too busy chasing money lenders from the temple and administering to the poor and weak among us. I saw this sign, and was offended for real Christians, the ones who believe and keep their own counsel by judging themselves and their own actions first, and do not cram their views down anyone's throat in an effort to influence an election.
Yes, after this photo was taken I ripped this damn sign right out of the ground with a great flourish and deposited in the nearest dumpster. I am sure three more will spring up by nightfall. But as Bill Moyer said on his program this week, "If we are truly the best and greatest country on the planet we best start acting like it." And to me a good start would be to develop tolerance for people with differing religious beliefs and keep specific religious affiliation and government separate.

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