Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just a few minutes with MUZAK

Been taking a little breather from blogging after all the intense activity and writing I did around my birthday. And since I am in a "work" space mentally I am having a real hard time focusing when I do write. It is a fact, once you are in the visually creative head space all words escape your brain. That's why painters that do seminars and illustrate painting technique generally exhibit slowed down, monotone speech when they are painting, and pick up verbal intensity when they break their concentration on doing. Those two functions of the brain are like Microsoft Windows and Apple MAC, related but not fundamentally compatible.
Big thoughts in my head now, lots of activity and a new (but old) project idea dropped into my lap out of the blue. I knew that big desk cleaning and clearing was for something :) So I will update as I can, and will look for fun stuff to upload for entertainment in the meantime. Just consider it kinda like elevator music until we reach the next floor.

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