Monday, October 30, 2006

Moderately embarrassing YOU Tube Story

Recently I posted two video clips from the You Tube website, and after about a week they disappeared, leaving big gaping white spaces on my blog. WOW...Don't they know how unattractive that is? (LOL) Anyway, I deleted these posts after about a week of looking at untidy white space, thinking I perhaps did something wrong when setting them up. Then today I go to You Tube and find through the help desk I actually did nothing wrong, it was their technical problem that they eventually righted and all the videos folks posted returned. I feel really silly, and I am laughing at myself today. I have learned my tolerance is about a week for untidiness, and I have also learned I am not as computer illiterate as I myself think.
So I am trying it again today, and if they disappear again I will step away from the delete button and live with imperfection. (LOL) Another day, another lesson.

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