Thursday, November 02, 2006

Will that be Paper or Pixel?

Genie and I have decided it will be paper voting for us, and we are going to VOTE today to be able to use the paper ballots in Texas. Actual voting day is electronic here, and neither of us trust these machines for a nano second. A little different procedure than my usual voting day activity, no chili making. I'll be doing that the day of the returns as usual.
It is a sad day when you have to make a decision to vote early to insure your vote is actually counted and not eaten by Diebold. But then there have been quite a few sad days in this country in the last few years. Let's hope if we can just keep the faith we can turn some of this around. It is unlikely we will defeat Rick Perry for governor here in Texas because of the split among the Democratic side (Kinky is an independent...that's our guy), but as Genie says we will hopefully throw some of the bums out of Congress and The House of Representatives. Heck, with any luck even changes in the school board, judicial system, or dog catcher would be good. Sometimes change can happen, and it always does from the bottom up. I think we're as low as I care to go in this country, how about you?



I JUST love this Blog, you do such a great job and you are all sexy and stuff too!!! Who could ask for anything more? Cedar

Laura Belle said...

High praise, indeed, from the woman that supported and inspired this blog's creation. Thank you so much Risley.


P.S. Yes...I am blushing :)