Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some of my favorite Trick or Treaters

A picture of my neices and a nephew taken on Halloween. Of course Ryan is on the cusp of being too "cool" for Halloween, hense the attitude. There is Ashley in pink as a fairy princess (she always goes as a fairy princess, no surprise there.) Next to her Amber (My little pen pal) as the corpse bride. But oh my, what do we have HERE? Why, the light of my life Crystal is dressed as what? The Phantom of the Opera. Bwa-ha-ha

Last year, before I left Illinois, "Phantom of the Opera" was the last movie Crystal and I watched together, and I gave her a video copy last year for Christmas. It is reported she watches it at least twice a week, and has become enchanted with dark, misunderstood Phantom.This costume actually started in August, when she announced she would be going as the Phantom of the Opera to her poor, buffudled parents. Try finding a phantom mask in a middle America Wal-Mart to know exactly what a daunting task this can be. The Halloweens before this she was Spiderman, the Incredible HULK, and just about any super hero you name. And now she finds her heart as the "Phantom."
How could you NOT love this kid?

P.S. She got to slick back and spray dye her white blond hair black, and those are Dad's "lace-tie" boots she insisted on wearing. :)

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