Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Update: Failing Emissions

I've been scrambling around trying to find information over the last two days about car emissions standards and how to get my car up to code without installing a new catalytic converter, since my van did not pass the Texas emissions test on Friday. Car issues really upset me, generally because I know practically zilch about automobiles. I have had many try (winking at Judy) but for some reason I can never retain automobile information in my mind. When I didn't pass, the mechanic went into a lot of detail explaining my next steps to me and all I heard was "wha-wha-wha" like the adults sound on the old Charlie Brown cartoon. I know it is silly, but I cried all the way home from the test. I don't know why automobile troubles put me in a childlike space like this. They just seem so big, overwhelming, and expensive to me and always have. I am lucky to get it filled with gas and on the road most times, the unfortunate truth. All I know is that I must get it up to standards within the next two weeks, or my van becomes a four wheel front yard paperweight. :(


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know car stuff can be challenging but give yourself a pat on the back. You know how to change a tire, take care of the battery, drive a gazillion miles nonstop, and so much more - ... and you still have your sleeping bag. I know this is tuff, but this too shall pass.

Love ya,

Laura Belle said...

Thanks Judy. I know this will be OK, I just get anxious about car problemss, as you well know. Gonna try a tune up and a few other suggestions before I start planning a wake for my van.