Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Many EYES Work Better than Two

While I was taking pictures of the new alter items, I thought as a lark I would admit my current obsession and ask folks to keep an eye out for these in their travels. When I was a child, these little "Pixie Shoe" key chains were given as salesman premiums and as Sunday school gifts. The story is, I had forgotten all about them until I was at an auction in Illinois last year and found a green one in an old box of junk. Another of those things I remember clearly coveting as a child, I thought they were REAL pixie shoes at the time. I bid on that Illinois box, with no bids against me and that green shoe started my quest. This year I have searched daily on Ebay, and for all my persistence I have only found one shoe, this lavender one with a bible inscription on the bottom. Sometimes they have rain bonnets inside, the two I have found have not. No one on earth is collecting them it seems, so they are generally inexpensive. If any of you find one you know where to send it now. :)

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