Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Check In

A cool drizzly day in my part of Texas, finished my bracelet work and have spent some of the day looking at images to inspire the next push on my creative project. Doing this settles my thinking and helps me keep from skipping continuously from the "critical thinking about business" side of my brain to the "creative" side. I've discovered "You tube"...what a visual resource! I already have 70 or so videos marked as reference materials. I know lots of artists that never really look at anyone else's work, but I tend to look at everything under the sun, then go forward. I guess I see this as stoking the brain, giving it plenty of images to chew on and "think" about and be inspired by. Generally the images I look for make no logical sense to the project at hand (like the tombstones, or my curious obsession with 30's era cartoons), but they end up triggering something in my mind that does work somehow.

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