Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dear Aunt Laura 11-13-06

I am so sorry for not writing you for a while, so I am sending two presents I made myself. I am writing you two pages this time, because Mom said you were sad and probably crying because I forgot to write. The fuzzy present is for your birthday and the other pot holder is just from the heart. I hope you had a great birthday and you get me something great for my birthday. I'm really looking forward to my birthday and Christmas if you come. I really want to see you. Did you know I was the Phantom of the Opera for Halloween? Anyway, you want to know why I'm not writing you, it was because I didn't have lined paper and so I just watched too much TV. I also lost your envelop, can you send me one more? I have more time to write now unless I get lazy. Princess just licked me in the face and walked on this letter. I guess she misses you too. I've wrote two pages totally now. I miss you a lot and look in the mailbox every day for a letter from you. I hope I see you at Christmas. I love you with all my heart you know. Write back soon.
Crystal B.(aged 9)

A late birthday present that arrived today, but pretty near perfect if you ask me. :)

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Anonymous said...

Ba-wa-wa.. Wow, is she really nine now??!! Yikes.
And still so full of heart. You are lucky to have such an angel in your life.

Love ya,