Friday, November 17, 2006

It Failed Again...

But I think the error may be in the calibration of the testing machine where I tested it. It failed with completely different high numbers, and where it failed before it passed with flying colors. The operator says he's never seen anything like it, and that the things we did should not have changed these numbers this drastically. It may be worth another test at another facility to just to see. Cha-ching to the tune of $30.00 a pop. Didn't cry on the way home I'm irked...


r o g n y c said...

My dislike for automobiles and all things automotive, including automotive magazines, is getting stronger and stronger.

Personal ranting aside, can you wait until next week to re-re-test the van? Having Mercury all the way out of retrograde might be a good idea.

Also, LOVED the letter from Crystal. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Laura Belle said...

That letter was pretty special, I did leave out the whole "cat puke" passage and something about wanting me to make a Llama costume for Halloween next year. (LOL) I am keeping all these letters for her, as well as the ones Amber sends.

%$###@$ Car Inspection!!!

Nightowl said...

Hate to be obnoxious (Well, actually I rather LIKE being obnoxious sometimes, "now" not being one of them) but you REALLY should have an old TOYOTA van. I took mine in the second day I had it, and when they said: "Pop the hood" I just looked at them, and then shrugged. (Mind you, now, I'd JUST gotten the van.) After they tugged on the front bumper a bit, they did that "in your window" chat thing. I told the kid "Honey, if you can FIND the engine on this beast, you're more than welcome to check it." (and I STRONGLY note again, that I'd no idea I was sitting on it -- believe me, he WASN'T my type!

After about ten minutes, and at least three consultations,Wondervan passed with the "not accessable" stipulation printed out in that DMV ink, and I went merrily on my way.

(Did I at least make you smile for a SECOND, maybe???):)


Well that just sucks more than it really should. Dang.