Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rollercoaster RIDE

The last few days have been truly amazing. First the anxiety around another election, then the barn burner results, taking us into the wee hours without a clear majority in Congress. Yesterday I felt like I was hungover from all the keyed up emotion, happier for this country than I have been in along time. Although I think Rumsfeld was a "Trojan horse" announcement timed to steal the thunder of a Democratic victory, overall I think we are headed in a new direction. Or at the very least blocking one we know will lead to a future none of us would ever want as a legacy. I have always been convinced in my heart there are many more people just trying to do the right thing in life than there are those that must crush others under their boots to succeed; greed at any cost. This election confirms that for me.

So today I am feeling the energy surge to go forward and focus with my new creative project. This is going to take a lot of time and focus, so I will attempt to keep everyone updated on my progress with my blog. Please forgive me if return emails arrive slowly, or calls and letters are late. I am decidedly not an effective multi-tasker, especially when I am working creatively, as I become very focused at the task at hand. It is my nature to isolate when working, I've lived 50 years with myself and I know this is unlikely to change at anytime soon. It's certainly not personal, just a fact of my creative life. But this does not mean I suddenly care less about everybody, just means I have chained myself to the desk. :)

So that is my story on a beautiful Fall day.

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