Friday, April 25, 2008

Just another Dance Recital...

...but not the same as usual. Tonight my beautiful dancing nieces performed a sister duet dance to the song "I Hope you Dance" and their yearly dance recital and it was stunning. At least what I saw of it through my tears seemed to be. They almost cancelled, considering the dark news that fell on their doorstep this week, but they wanted to dance for their daddy. Their father had been experiencing weakness in his arms for a while, and after three weeks of exhaustive testing the results were delivered on Wednesday, stage four testicular cancer. He is only 47 years old, with three small children. More tests next week to see if it has spread to his spine, which is the worst case scenario. It has been a week of tears here, and it has certainly put my own small concerns in life into perspective. I pray all the time, and I believe in the power of prayer. So I would be grateful for any and all extra prayers for Lewis over the next few weeks, even if they are small ones.


Godinla said...

LB, I come here every day and every day I sit with no words. I would pray, if I were a true believer, but I am one who doubts. Those are my thoughts each day when I see those beautiful faces and think of what they must be going through.

It occurred to me tonight that it doesn't matter what I do or do not believe. What matters is what I pray for. I suppose that He is listening whether I think He is or not. He hears all who speak, I suppose. I will pray for Lewis.

I wish you and your family the best. Be healthy. Be happy.

Laura Belle said...

The best news, Brian, is that believing is not a requirement. Mother Teresa doubted. Intention and focus does matter, and I truly thank you for your prayers. Who knows, you may have even tipped all this in Lewis's favor, just with a moment of awareness :)

Thank you.