Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake Aftershocks 5.2, 4.5

Today, one just now, we had a small earthquake and then a healthy aftershock. It was strange, to get that queasy feeling in my stomach again, to feel the rolling of the ground, and hear the tinkling of glass as things swayed. I haven't felt this since I lived on the West Coast, and I knew right away what it was. Just like I was trained (yes, thanks to you Judy), I immediately slipped on my shoes and ran outside. No one there but me so I began to think I imagined it. I do have a healthy respect for gravity- and this earthquake was like an old friend. It just tickled me...earthquake in Illinois! Woo-hoo!!!


Godinla said...

I know I'm some kind of freak for saying this but I kinda like earthquakes. Living in Los Angeles must have made me immune to the fear of being shaken to death. There must be a name for weirdos like me (what an opening for you to call me any name you can think of).

Glad that you're okay and Illinois is only mildly disturbed.

Laura Belle said...

From conditioning I am somewhat immune as well. I giggled all day about this little earthquake. And I will not use your gracious opening to call you on your weirdness, as I am sure you can describe yourself with better words than I even know (LOL)It has been my experience in life so far that the more true to themselves and closer to the core a person is the more I like them. Freaks, iconoclasts, visionaries, bring 'em on! :)