Thursday, April 03, 2008

Now that is off my chest...

Blog Number 400. Who would have thought I'd ever have so much to say when I stated blogging? Most of the time, even though I can be chatty, I find I am short on words- a simple visual artist.

Been a strange few weeks for me, hard to write about. Change is once again in the wind, and oh how I struggle. Intellectually I know resistance is futile and that change will happen regardless of planning. I am on the verge of acceptance though, so I must be growing.

On a road trip this weekend doing a show. Figure that will excavate me from my thought process and focus on daily minutia. Haunted by several creative projects, one that requires some science to complete. So as we are driving head space will be cleared, at least for a little while. :)


Godinla said...

Grow if you must. Just don't grow up.

Laura Belle said...

Not a chance.:)