Sunday, April 13, 2008

Watch the Birdie

On Saturday my niece Crystal, who is very concerned that I do not have a pet, gave me this little Takara (yes, I know...whodathunkit) Blue Bird. He's not your average bird, no upkeep to speak of (except batteries), but he does warble and chirp and wiggle his tail when you pass by his motion detector. Normally I wouldn't find such a thing very attractive, but there is something really cool about forgetting he's on and moving around him to hear a surprise "chirp" out of the blue. No birdseed, no dirty cage, just a nice little Spring birdie. A mechanical pet suits me fine at this stage of my life.

Rained all week, it is a record for this area. All the creeks, rivers, and lakes are overflowing, and it has gotten cold once again. I am sure hoping Spring will "sprung" itself soon. Been working auctions and painting all week; a little group of wooden purses. Keeps me out of trouble thankfully. I like making one of a kind pieces to warm up the synapses for the illustrations to come. I rarely paint in acrylics, so it is a refesher course as such.

That's all for me today, I got nuthin else. :::chirp:::


Godinla said...

At least your bird is the representative of happiness. Could have been a cuckoo.

I'd love some of your rain here in L.A. Hot and dry lately.

R said...

Crystal is the coolest kid! Tell her I said HOWDY!