Monday, April 21, 2008

The Big Creative Push

Is it the Spring that pushes new things along with it's fresh perspective on life? Hard to tell really, but my absence here for several days has been due to a great creative push I am experiencing. I am busy working on those purses, and they are morphing into other projects as well. This has always been my process, all projects morph into one another like one pool of water spills into the next. Remember that analogy when we all lived in the big house Roger? Well, it is true of a single artist as well. All artistic projects are born of the core vision came before.

And finally we have weather here condusive to happiness. Warm and sunny, but cool enough to leave the front door and windows open to enjoy the breeze. After the earthquake last week it is as if Hecate decided to give us all a big break from the really weird weather and throw Spring at us in abundance. My favorite season is Autumn, but Spring will do in a pinch. :) Now it is not only my little mechanical birdie chirping, but my "snowshoe" friends who made it through the Winter as well. I was never as attached to nature in my life as I am now, probably a function of the wisdom of age and gratitude.

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