Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Swore to Myself...

...that this election I would not involve my blog in my "radical" political views. I broke my silence by uploading the previous Youtube video because I was outraged at the audacity of this blatant "curtailing" of free speech, and couldn't believe it was not discovered and at least mentioned by the mainstream media. We really need to decide what we want in this country, leaders that are human beings with personal human frailties (which are not our business and have no bearing on their ability to legislate) or puppets for corporations. We've HAD the puppet for eight long years... and what we know about the damage this administration has caused is just the tip of the iceberg. We are all on this limping ship of state with the gaping hole in the hull denied by those steering the boat. Just because damage may not be apparent from the first class cabins doesn't mean it will never sink, and that you are any less personally responsible. So in this election while distracted by the flag waving, lapel pin wearing vision of patriotism spoon fed us, it would be good to remember that houses go to foreclosure, forests are decimated, jobs disintegrate and lives are LOST with the stroke of a pen in the wrong hands.

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