Thursday, May 08, 2008

Miss Me?

To all my friends, thank you for your patience with me during this time. Also accept my abundant thanks for the prayers that have rained down on my family. The news this week is very good, the cancer has not spread and Lewis will be undergoing a radical surgery that promises to be successful without further radiation treatments. I have spent a lot of time helping the kids cope and trying to keep daily activities at my sister's house as close to normal as possible. So the luxury of blogging has been set aside for a couple of weeks as I do this, I have missed it.

I have continued to carve out a bit of time to continue my creative projects, and with any luck will be ready for my show by May 21st. At least I am crossing my fingers I will be. (LOL) The "Monster Garage Sale" went badly, raining and windy weather the culprit. My "never say die" sister Patty has rescheduled it, and her garage currently looks like a flea market explosion. I swear, her husband is a saint.

So this brings me to the present rainy blustery Spring day. Updating my blog and grateful for the small prayers that made this update a positive one. Thank you. :)

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