Thursday, May 29, 2008

It Could Happen To You

Best political ad I've seen so far this election. Especially the "chickie" part. Yes, I guess I am a hippie tree hugger, but I can really relate. :)


Bammy said...

I LOVE MY COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GONNA CALL YOU SOON!!! love you!!!

Cedar said...

WAIT, I thought you said you were a CLINTON supporter? What the hey????


Laura Belle said...

I am a democratic supporter. I voted for Clinton at the primary, and will if she gets the nomination. I would also vote for Obama if he does. Nothing on God's green earth would make me vote for another four years like the last eight. And honestly, every day the war lasts past the Nov. election I feek there is blood on the hands of every single republican voter. In this sham of a war it's time to really support the troops and bring them home. And I do not mean in government issued body bags.

I liked this commercial because it spoke to hope, and I am all for that. Hope isn't a dirty word; it is not a sin to be hopeful we can rescue some part of the America we were entrusted with.

Those are Bammy's cookies Risley. She worked very hard for them, and was kind enough to eat around those pesky raisins with no complaints. :)

Godinla said...

Okay, I'm not part of the cookie conversation and that's okay. Awesome ad and thank you for passing hope along, Now, what do I have to do to garner a cookie or two?

Cedar said...

godinla, I think you have to graduate from College or something. Or discover a cure for something. There are no cookies for cookies sake. Not even cookies for love. Sometimes life is just not fair.

Godinla said...

I graduated from college but that was a long time ago and I didn't do the whole "graduation thing," with the walking the stage and such nonsense, so maybe I didn't graduate after all. I am working on several cures right now. That ought to get me at least a whiff of a cookie.

Thanks for you generous offer and for the birthday nod. I'll give you my snail mail address anytime but you have to promise not to send me cookies. Lovely gesture but I'm not worthy.