Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who's Yo Mama???

After growing as big as a pumpkin Crystal's dog Princess had her litter yesterday. I've been on midwife duty for well over a week, babysitting her during the day while the family were off doing their daily thing. For several weeks Princess insisted I rub her belly almost constantly, and it occurred to me yesterday it may be because I am trained in Reiki Healing and she sensed that. As much as I have been pressured by the kids to pick one of the puppies for my own I have up until now resisted. But that was until I met the runt of the litter,(he's the one that barely fills the palm of my hand in pictures above), and it is hard not to be in love that little squirmy thing!
I still haven't decided. But if (Just saying...) I were to keep this puppy there is the issue of the perfect name. Not too cutesy, something that sounds good being yelled as he jumps the leash and heads for the street. (LOL) So I am announcing the "Name the Runt" Contest. Time for you folks out there to get creative! I will share the best names on my blog next week, announce the winner, and by then I will have decided if he's coming home with me. Hee!


Anonymous said...

not original - Red
Or - Kye

Cedar said...

I am sticking with

Herr Pooper

Anonymous said...

How about Doodle Da Vinci? Has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

DOG................deeogee. he's precious

Godinla said...

How about Herr Pooper Doodle Da Vinci Red Deeogee Kye? That was my original idea and everyone before me kinda stole bits of what I was thinking.